Smash Palace

Smash Palace is 60′s jangle rock,nto a modern alternative rock style that’s all their own. It’s like listening to songs you know but haven’t heard before.Click here to edit subtitle


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GOLDMINE Power Pop Plus CD Reviews

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They’ve been around for decades (first as Quincy, until Mr. Jones got ticked off and made them cease and desist), and on their twelfth release, Smash Palace has crafted another beginning-to-end winner that jangles, pops, rocks, and generally does all the things that...
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Smash Palace*Do It Again Zip Records 2012

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DAILY VAULT ALBUM REVIEWS by Tom Haugen 6/4/2012

Stephen and Brian Butler have an interesting story. The brothers fronted the outfit Quincy in the early ‘80s, releasing a record on Columbia and gaining steam before producer Quincy Jones put an end to that. Unhappy with the name Quincy, Jones sent the Butler brothers a cease-and-desist, and the ...

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CD of the Day, 7/5/10: Smash Palace-7

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Smash Palace has been around since the 80s, but somehow they've managed to come up with what might be their best album in a deep catalog of quality releases. Whether it's the Revolver-styled cover or the dawn of a new decade or something in the air, these veteran Philly poppers have one of 2010's best on th...

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Smash Palace: Everybody Comes and Goes by George Graham

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The Graham Weekly Album Review #1509 12/19/2007

Two thousand seven has been a great year for intelligent, upbeat melodic pop in the tradition of the Beatles. There have been first-rate CD releases by Fountains of Wayne, The Red Button, Tim Finn, Daphne Loves Derby, Cantinero, Jason Reeves, Tim Blane and several others. The year closes out with more musical riches, the latest recording by Smash Pa...

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