Smash Palace

Smash Palace is 60′s jangle rock,nto a modern alternative rock style that’s all their own. It’s like listening to songs you know but haven’t heard before.Click here to edit subtitle


GOLDMINE Power Pop Plus CD Reviews

Posted on November 3, 2018 at 1:00 AM

They’ve been around for decades (first as Quincy, until Mr. Jones got ticked off and made them cease and desist), and on their twelfth release, Smash Palace has crafted another beginning-to-end winner that jangles, pops, rocks, and generally does all the things that melodic pop/rock fans crave. Leader Stephen Butler has been around since the beginning, and he and his brother Brian co-wrote all five tunes here, one in tandem with guitarist Cliff Hillis (“Heart of a Loving Man”;) and another with bassist Fran Smith, Jr. (“It Happened to Me”;). The band’s website touts the release by claiming, “It’s like listening to songs you know but haven’t heard before,” and guess what? Their website is 100% correct. Essential listening for pop fans, with the only complaint being that it would be nice if they’d release another full-length one of these days. Grade: A

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